Pulsar ES1 eSports Mouse Pad - Bruce Lee Edition

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Designed for competitive eSports

eS (eSports) series Mousepad Bruce Lee Edition.

Designed for competitive level eSports. The ultra-precision woven hybrid surface provides very even glide and friction. The newly developed alpha cell base material provides good stopping power and cushioning. Edge stitching is extremely minimized but extreme durable. Comes in various size and thickness for your needs. The eS-1 mousepad gives you lower initial friction, medium to high glide speed while still providing good stopping power. 3mm thickness provides soft to medium cushion and bounce back feeling.

 Alpha Cell Base

ULTIMATE ANTI-SLIP BASE Alpha-cell is a revolutionary, ultra-high-density memory-cell polyurethane base material. Its unique memory cell and micro pattern have a sticky property. The eS-1 mousepad will stick to your desk like no other mousepad.



  • Surface

    Uniformly woven fine poly hybrid surface

  • Bottom

    3mm non-slip natural rubber

  • Edge

    360° anti-fray precision stitching

  • Size

    XL 490mm (19.3in) x 420mm(16.5in) x 3mm (0.1in)

  • Color


  • Speed

    Medium to high

  • Stopping



    Flat packed


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