Description direct from Artisan:

The glass coated speed pad for those who craves for pure velocity.
Shidenkai V2 has updated coating and boasts its improved durability & glide consistency.
The speed has been adjusted for better stopping support with lighter mice.

Note: The surface may contain small dots and smudges due to the nature of its coating process.
The dots & smudge don't affect gameplay performance and we do not accept returns or refund for this reason. Please see the bottom of the page for other disclaimers, including tracking issues that may possibly happen.  

Shidenkai has been a legendary glass coated fabric mousepad family known for it's extremely fast & floaty unique glide.
Although Shidenkai V2 maintains the fastest glide speed ARTISAN has to offer, the new iteration boasts its improved longevity and even more consistent glide.

| High Speed

Fasted glide speed among all ARTISAN mousepad families.

| Improved durability

The glass coating has been updated for improved longevity

| Adjusted Surface Pattern

Smooth yet gives you the optimised amount of feedbacks.


[ Warnings ]

- Shidenkai may require longer LOD (List Of Distance) settings for your mouse.
- The glass beads coating consumes your mousefeet rather quickly, and it may require frequent replacement.
- Please turn off "Gaming Surface" Mode when you use G PRO X 2 Superlight for the better tracking performance



Surface Glass coating (not break / possible to roll up)
Middle layer Single foamed foam of special structure. Excellent flatness. Resistant to curl is strong. 
*Natural rubber is not included.
Sole Perfect slip prevention performance by sucker structure.


Model: Artisan FX Shidenkai V2

Size: XL -  49 x 42 x 0.4 cm * MID is 3 mm thick.

Colour: Snow White

Foam/Sponge Hardness: Choose from XSOFT or MID

Brand: Artisan Japan Mouse Pads