Pulsar Micro Bungee

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It’s small and simple to use. The small bungee that can attach to anywhere you want. Create more space, clean your set up, and free from drag. Enjoy smooth gliding in a bigger space.


  • FREE FROM DRAG - Eliminate tangles and eliminate drag of your cable. Feel wireless like experience.
  • KEEP BIGGER SPACE - Enjoy bigger space using this micro bungee. Simply attach it to your monitor or anywhere and have more space for your mouse.
  • KEEP YOUR SET UP CLEAN - You can make your set up super clean and neat using this micro bungee.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS - Made with high grande Poly-carbonate, super flexible silicone and strong 3M VHB Adhesive. Extra 3M Adhesive in every pack for re-usage.
  • SUPER COMPACT - Smallest mouse bungee in the market! Praised by the reviewers.

  • Brand: Pulsar
  • Quantity: Available in single or 3 pack

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