Pulsar Paraspeed V2 - Black

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NEW soft CORDURA fabric - Paraspeed has a softer surface compared to a traditional CORDURA provides less roughness when gliding.  Absolutely uniformed woven texture provides even glides all over the surface in high speed fast but also gives you great stopping power. Super strong against humidity and dirt.  

Microstitching - Tightly woven micro-knit stitch is not higher than the surface to prevent irritation to wrists and not to block the motion when performing wide mouse movements. 360° anti-fray precision stitching ensure long-term use without deformation and degumming as well.

Anti-Slip natural rubber - The durable & non-slip natural rubber base ensures the mouse pad stays firmly in place during intense gameplay.  


  • Surface

    Ultra durable and liquid resistance Cordura Fabric

  • Bottom

    3mm non-slip natural rubber

  • Edge

    360° anti-fray precision stitching

  • SIZE

    XL - 460mm (18.1in) x 410mm (16.1in) x 3mm (0.1in)


    XXL - 900mm x 400mm x 4mm



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