• Hall Effect Magnetic Switches, Yuki Edition by Gateron
  • 20 Steps of sensitivity from 0.1mm - 3.8mm
  • Continuous Rapid Trigger - Always Enabled
  • 5 Sided Dye Sub PBT Keycaps designed by Yuki Aim (non-hiragana version)
  • CNC Aluminum Frame
  • Ultra Bright RGB Lighting with 16 modes
  • Hot-Swappable*
  • Weight: 2.3lbs or 1050g
  • BONUS - Collectible 5 Yuki Chibi Keycaps R4

*Hot-Swappable with compatible magnetic switches

Hall Effect Technology

Magnetic Switches

Unlock the next level of gaming mastery with our cutting-edge keyboard, showcasing the pinnacle of innovation: Hall Effect magnetic switches, a collaboration with Gateron and Yuki Aim. These switches, empowered by Hall effect sensors, redefine gaming precision and responsiveness, with actuation as fast as 0.1mm. Perfect your aim in FPS like Valorant and Apex Legends, where every keystroke is a game-changer. With continuous rapid trigger capabilities, elevate your gameplay to unprecedented heights, delivering unmatched precision, lightning-fast response times, and unyielding durability.

Rapid Trigger

Continuous Rapid Trigger

Rapid Trigger represents a transformative departure from the traditional fixed reset point. In this innovative setting, the switch instantaneously resets upon its upward trajectory immediately following keystroke registration.

The gaming advantage of this innovation lies in the ability to execute rapid, repetitive keystrokes with exceptional efficiency, as each keypress necessitates notably reduced key travel.

Dye Sub PBT


Introducing the pinnacle of keycap craftsmanship, meticulously engineered by Yuki Aim to embody a harmonious blend of form and function. These keycaps feature an intricate five-sided dye sublimation process, expertly applied to premium PBT material, and designed with the iconic OEM profile. Every keycap encapsulates Yuki Aim's signature aesthetics, a testament to our unwavering commitment to enhancing your gaming experience with unmatched performance.

CNC Treated

Aluminum Frame

The future of hall effect gaming keyboard designed with over 5mm in thickness CNC aluminum keyboard frame. Crafted with precision engineering, it not only ensures unparalleled durability and unmatched structural integrity but also boasts impeccably smooth, beveled edges, setting it apart from traditional plastic keyboard frames.

16 RGB Modes


Experience a comprehensive range of customizable lighting options with our gaming keyboard, offering a versatile selection of 16 distinct RGB modes. This feature enables you to seamlessly tailor the lighting to suit any occasion or mood.

Yuki Chibi


Included 5 Yuki Chibi Keycaps Collectibles for ROW 4. Enjoy!

What's Inside

1. DyeSub PBT Keycaps
2. Magnetic Switches & Stabs
3. CNC Aluminum Frame
4. Brushed Aluminum Plate
5. Silicon Dampening
6. PCB with Hall Sensors
7. Bottom Silicon Dampening
8. Semi Transparent Casing


Hall Effect Magentic Switches

Switch: Crimson Magnetic Switch by Gateron

Type: Linear

Operating Force (Start): 30g

Operating Force (End): 50g

Actuation Range: 0.1 - 3.8mm

Total Travel: 4mm

Life: 100M


Keyboard Specs

Dimensions: 315 x 109 x 40mm

Size: 65% | 68 keys | Dedicated arrow keys

Weight: 1050g or 2.3lbs

Package Contents

1 x Keyboard

1 x Detachable USB-C Cable

1 x Keycap+Switch Combo Puller

1 x Bonus Yuki PBT Keycaps (R4, 5 Keys)

1 x Instruction Manual