Mouse Feet and Mouse Grips

Hi All,

Again we have to thank everyone in the Australian and worldwide gaming community for the amazing support we've received through social media, reddit, and directly. Hearing how happy our customers are and especially getting setup pictures with our cables installed honestly makes our day :)

Due to popular demand and requests from multiple people we are now offering a wide range of Mouse Feet and Mouse Grips! Ausmodshop is now the Australian distributor for Hotline Games and Tiger Gaming and we are stocking Feet and Grips for as many mice as we can right here in Australia and will continue to expand the range.

Learning from experience perhaps the worst part of installing a Paracord mouse cable is replacing the stock mouse feet only to find it just doesn't feel quite the same as it did before. No amount of heat gun/hair dryer magic can make the mouse feet re-install as perfectly as stock. Being able to upgrade the stock cable with a Paracord cable and also upgrade your mouse feet to brand new Hotline/Tiger gaming feet at the same time dramatically improves the overall feel of your mouse. And now you can get both from one Australian source without having to wait weeks for overseas suppliers to deliver!

P.S. We have feet for the New Ultralight 2 Cape Town AND Model O- !

Check out the Range of Mouse Feet and Grips Below:

Hotline Games Mouse Feet

Tiger Gaming Mouse Feet

Hotline Games Mouse Grips


If we don't have the Feet/Grips for your mouse listed send us an email at and we'd be happy to help!