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Updated: 13th of July, 2024

This page lists all the latest updates on incoming stock and estimated arrival dates.

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ATK - Blazing Sky F1 and X1 series in transit to us, due Tuesday/Wednesday

Sora V2 - in stock now!! click here

Lamzu Atlantis Mini Champion Edition Light Pink - In transit to our warehouse, due next week

Lamzu Paro - Stock is on order, no ETA yet

Lamzu Tachi - Lamzu are yet to confirm if they will put the Tachi into production. Currently no ETA.

Lethal Gaming Gear LA-1 - We are not receiving stock of the first production batch. We will receive stock from the second production batch in 2024.

Artisan Mouse Pads

Zero, Hayate Otsu, Hien, and Raiden restocks - Stock is here!  The Hayate Otsu Soft variants will not be restocked as they are being replaced with the upcoming V2 surface later this year. The V2 surface is essentially the same as V1 but adds conductive threads for better performance in low humidity and prevent static friction build up.

XXL Size - The XXL (50x49cm) sizes of all current Artisan pads will be in September

TYPE-99 - In production and due September (Black colourway in XL and XXL)

KEY-83 - In production and due September (Black colourway in XL and XXL)

Raiden Soft - In production and due September (XL and XXL)

Shidenaki V2 - unfortunately discontinued


Mouse Pads

Kurosun Samurai - Stock is live!

GLSSWRKS Kazemi - stock confirmed, due late July (we will not be running pre-orders for this and will post on Twitter the release day/time as the stock gets closer to arrival)

Lethal Gaming Gear - The NEW Jupiter V2 Pro and 'Firm' sponge options for Saturn PRO / Neptune PRO / Jupiter V2 Pro are in transit to our warehouse via sea freight and due late July/early August

WRAITH Evil Edition Glass Mouse Pad - in stock now!

Raven Mori V2 - production delayed, no ETA

Wallhack / SkyPAD 4.0 and cloth series - We are still awaiting confirmation of retailer stock and do not currently have an ETA.

Padsmith Blue and Purple Empress Glass Pads - In transit to our warehouse via sea freight. Due late July



TRUTHEAR Zero Red restock - In transit to our warehouse, due this week

Mouse Feet and Grips

Ghostglides CYCLONE skates - restock is live!

X-Raypad - Obsidian AIR and Obsidian PRO Air skates are available now!

SoSpacer SHAPE SHIFT - available now!


Mouse mods

Modded PCB for G Pro X Superlight 2 (GPX2) - PCB production has finished and in transit to our warehouse. Once received we will complete rigorous testing to ensure our range of mechanical switches operate correctly with the GPX2. We hope to have them live for sale late next week.


Arm Sleeves

GHOSTGLIDES SecondSkin Arm Sleeve - in stock now!

WRAITH Arm Sleeves - available now!


Keyboards & Accessories

Coiled Keyboard Cables - restock has arrived and includes many new colourways!