Latest Updates

Updated: 28th of February, 2024

This page lists all the latest updates on incoming stock and estimated arrival dates.

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Pulsar X Demon Splayer - X2H Mini Shinobu now available!

Pulsar X2H Acid Rewind - available now!

Lamzu Tachi - We will be getting stock as soon as it is available. Currently no ETA.

Lethal Gaming Gear LA-1 - We are not receiving stock of the first production batch. We will receive stock from the second production batch in 2024.



TRUTHEAR - in stock now

Simgot - coming soon

KZ - coming soon

7HZ - coming soon

Kiwi Ears - coming soon

More brands coming soon! (send us a message if you have any recommendations!)


Mouse Pads

FreeFall SV BASE Control+ V2 - Midnight Black Edition - early March

Lethal Gaming Gear Neptune - The standard series Neptune is currently in production and due to arrive late March/early April

Lethal Gaming Gear Neptune PRO and Saturn PRO restock - Late May 2024

Artisan Shidenaki V2 - We have reserved stock and production is ongoing. ETA is May

Padsmith - Empress Glass Pad - Blue (speed) and Purple (balanced) are on order and coming via sea freight. Due late March / early April.


Mouse Feet and Grips

GhostGlides - early March

Corepad - Beast X skates and other new models due next week


KBDfans - accessories, tools, keycaps, and more coming soon

Lamzu Atlantis Pro Keyboard - in stock and ready to ship! click here