XTEN Cloth / Control Medium Mouse Pad

460mm x 400mm x 3mm

The XTEN GAMING MOUSE PADS series consists of three layers. The surface of CLOTH / CONTROL is a standard model of XTEN GAMING MOUSE PADS that emphasizes controllability by using a cloth surface with a fine and uniform weave like a satin finish. Demonstrates stable performance in games of all genres such as MOBA and FPS.
Although it is a slippery surface material when the load is light, it exerts an exquisite braking force when a load is applied. The balance between the thickness and hardness of the laminated cushion / non-slip layer dramatically improves control performance.
The three-layer XTEN gaming mouse pad is made up of high-level stamping and crimping technologies. Determine the characteristics of each material, process the tape required for bonding, stack each material evenly and evenly, crimp at the optimum speed, and perform these perfectly for the first time to achieve a flat surface condition without bubbles, wrinkles, or unevenness. And sufficient adhesive strength can be achieved.
The XTEN gaming mouse pad cannot be manufactured without the high technology that Japan has accumulated over the years.

Brand: XTEN
Surface: Cloth / Control
Dimensions: 460 mm x 400 mm x 3 mm (XL Surface)

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