Wraith Cosmic V2 Glass Mouse Pad - Evil Edition

Base Options:

4 Silicone Feet - silicone in each corner on the base of the pad

Molded Silicone - silicone base covering entire base of the pad


Evil Edition

A new design from the artist of Cosmic Glass "The Flick" and Blade X Japan Edition .


New "Hybrid" Surface

The Hybrid surface, introduced for the first time with the Evil Edition, completely eliminates the sensor detection problem that is only seen in certain mouse models. Offering an experience between control and speed, the new surface was developed to provide the ideal glass mousepad experience.


Cosmic Glass is with you again.

The completely renewed Cosmic Glass V2 is an improved version of the Cosmic Glass product you know well in every aspect.


We share with you the result of the 6-month R&D process.

Our team, which developed the world's first control glass mousepad, rolled up its sleeves for the Cosmic Glass V2 product 6 months ago.

During this process where we tried countless surface and base options, our team worked day and night to provide you with the best mousepad experience.

Cosmic Glass V2, which is completely domestically produced, was developed as a top segment product that will accompany you for years.


Refurbished Box

Thanks to its renewed box, you can now easily place your glass mousepad back in its original box and carry it with its box when necessary.


A Timeless Mousepad

Since the glass surface of Cosmic Glass does not have the fibrous structure found in fabric mousepads, it does not disperse or deteriorate. You can use the performance it had on the first day for years to come.


Surface Size

450x450 (mm)


4 (mm)




reinforced glass

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