Installing a paracord is a simple process and there are many installation videos/tutorials available online to make the process easier.

1. Disassemble mouse. Most mice have screws located under the mouse feet which will have to be removed to access. Heat the feet with a hair dryer first for easier removal/re-installation.
2. Unplug old cable from inside of mouse and install new cable
3. Heat one of the 2 included black heat shrink pieces over the point where the bare cables exit the paracord and the other over the top of the paracord where it exits the mouse.Heat the smaller clear piece on top of the black heat shrink piece that exits the mouse to act as a cable stopper.
4. Re-assemble. It is not required however recommended to replace the mouse feet with new ones at the same time as they can be damaged if not removed carefully.
5. Enjoy!