Description direct from Artisan:

A feeling of operation resembles to Qck. However, a sharper operation feeling with a lighter glide than that. Rapidly rising in popularity now.

| Pad aimed at upward compatibility of Qck

You can taste modern operation feeling due to common merit of ARTISAN.

| Light and smooth gliding

Because it is a hard cloth peculiar to twist yarn, gliding is light. gliding is not affected by sweat or moisture of hands.

| Ease of stopping

Since the twisted yarn dough has slight irregularities, there is ease of stopping.

| Excellent ease of handling

Strong individuality is thin but easy to handle. Easy-to-use pad that anyone can get used to.

Model: Artisan FX Zero

Size: XL -  49 x 42 x 0.4 cm * MID is 3 mm thick.

Colour: Daidai Orange

Foam/Sponge Hardness: Choose from XSOFT, SOFT, MID

Brand: Artisan Japan Mouse Pads

Surface Circular knitting ( polyester. )
Middle layer Single foamed foam of special structure. Excellent flatness. Resistant to curl is strong. 
*Natural rubber is not included.
Sole Perfect slip prevention performance by sucker structure.


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