Cleaning hair, pet fur, fuzz, lint, dust, dirt, grime, crumbs, and all other debris from your mouse pad is effortless with an Ausmodshop lint roller!

The lint roller has long been a go-to tool for competitive gamers wanting to quickly clean their mouse pad before gaming sessions.

Our lint roller features a horizontal rolling angle to make mouse pad cleaning quick and easy. Effortlessly remove and clean dust from your mouse pad!

Dimensions -  14x17cm

The roller is reusable and new lint paper rolls can be fitted but popping out the 2 circular side pieces from the handle and inserting a new roll. The roller fits standard 10cm wide refill rolls of sticky paper.

DO NOT USE WITH COATED MOUSE PADS. Only for use on non-coated pads.


- 1x Ausmodshop Lint Roller (with dust cover)

- 1x Roll of sticky paper (10cm wide)

Confirm with the manufacturer of your mouse pad if a lint roller is safe to use on your pad.

We have used lint rollers on many non coated pads for a long time and have found no adverse damage and impact on pad performance.

*mouse and mouse pad not included

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