Corepad CRTL Skatez are manufactured using a special heat treatment process - this creates an evenly smooth and even surface, making the Corpad Skatez from the CTRL series more controllable and slightly slower than the Corepad Skatez from the regular PRO series - of course with the same high quality and all functions the PRO series

Corepad Skatez are precision-made replacement mouse feet for competitive PC gaming. Made from 100% pure quality PTFE and thus offering the lowest possible friction of any mouse feet.

This model of Corepad Skatez is made in a special manufacturing process with rounded edges to avoid mousepad grinding, scratching and hooking and thus further optimizes the sliding properties of your mouse.


Application - Logitech G Pro X Superlight Wireless (Will not fit Original G Pro Wireless)
Thickness - 0.85mm
Quantity - 2 sets
Material - 100% PTFE
Edges - Rounded
Brand - Corepad Skatez CTRL
*Alcohol wipes not included

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