Made from the highest quality PTFE featuring a unique micro-curve design that delivers a natural and flatter experience with increased surface contact that provides the perfect balance between speed and control.

No over exaggerated curves, no uncontrollable speed.

  • Featuring our unique curve design that provides much smaller and less prominent curves than any other skates which allows for a more natural and grounded feel with improved contact with the pad, equal wear and all the benefits of smooth curved skates.
  • We use a special kind of 100% virgin grade polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) that's both slightly harder than other brands which delivers an incredibly smooth and consistent glide across cloth surfaces.
  • We focus on retaining a true natural feel to your mouse without affecting sensor tracking. Our skates feel almost identical to stock skates in height.
  • Designed to fit your Logitech G PRO Wireless perfectly. Simply remove your existing feet and apply.
  • GHOSTGLIDES® mouse feet are far more durable than standard stock feet and retain their quality as they wear due to the unique attributes of the material.
  • Used by some of the best eSports players on the worlds biggest stages such as ESL and BLAST Pro Series.


Please follow instructions included for the perfect fit.

Application -  Pulsar X2 / X2 Mini / X2V2 / X2V2 Mini / X2H / X2H Mini / X2A / X2A Mini
Quantity - 1 set

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