Kiwi Ears Dolce

10MM LDP Dynamic Driver In-Ear Monitor

    10MM LDP (LDPE+LCP) Diaphragm
    Ultra Durable Medical Grade Resin Material
    2-Pin 0.78 MM Cable and High-Purity OCC Copper

      About Kiwi Ears

      Driven by the pursuit of extraordinary audio reproduction, at Kiwi Ears, we create the perfect amalgam of technological innovations with refined tuning strategies. With musicians and studio engineers particularly in mind, we are on an uncompromising quest to produce the finest professional In-Ear Monitors that will reveal every nuance in your music and performance. Never settling for mediocre, our small team of dedicated engineers handcrafts each unit so that you can worry less about what’s in your ears and focus more on the sounds you are making. We are Kiwi Ears, and we’re bringing you music heard like never before.

      All New Diaphragm Material

      The Kiwi Ears Dolce utilizes a brand new diaphragm material to accurately reproduce studio-grade audio. The 10mm LDP (LDPE+LCP) diaphragm is an innovative composite driver developed by crosslinked crystallization of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) films in a similar manner with liquid crystal polymers (LCP). This strengthens the ultra-thin sheets at the chemical level, ultimately enhancing its tensile strength and elasticity. Paired with strong neodymium magnets, the LDP diaphragm driver performs incredibly with low total harmonic distortions across the entire frequency band. The LDP driver is the next dynamic driver solution for optimal audio resolution and tonal balance.

      Natural Tuning

      The Dolce derives its name from the Italian musical term meaning “sweet” or “sweetly”. Like its name implies, the Dolce sounds delightfully sweet, with hints of warmth and richness, crisp articulation, and a complete balanced and natural tone. The subbass is well extended and delivers powerful bass kicks, with full bass guitar notes in the lows. Rather than a sterile neutral, the mids have been tuned to carry slight warmth in the notes to achieve a more musical and enjoyable listening experience. The treble perfectly matches the human ear’s resonance by perfectly elevating at 3kHz, and slowly decays with upper treble progression to give a natural timbre in the highs. The LDP diaphragm allows one of the most natural presentations of upper treble reproduction compared to previous types of dynamic drivers, and the treble is fully present, but free of any harshness or shrillness. The Dolce’s sound is the perfect earphones for any usage case, whether it be on the stage, studio, or on your daily commute.

      3D Printed Resin Shell

      To keep the Dolce fit for any scenario, the housing material is composed of ultra-durable medical-grade resin. Through software design, the shells are 3D printed with the exact internal acoustic chamber dimensions to ensure every unit sounds the same. Not only will the Dolce provide a secure and comfortable fit in your ears, but it will also be the perfect earphones for wherever you go.

      Detachable 2-Pin Cable

      The Dolce comes standard with a detachable 2-pin 0.78mm cable. The cable is constructed of high-purity OCC copper, and is ready to deliver a transparent sound free of any distortions. The detachable cable also extends the longevity of the earphones, as you can simply swap out the cable to any similar 2-pin cable in the future.

      Technical Details

      10mm LDP dynamic diaphragm
      High Purity OCC Cable
      0.78mm 2pin connector
      3.5mm Stereo Plug

      1 year warranty

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