This is the latest product run of the standard Saturn that includes the new logo and japanese rubber foam base!

- Black and Red colours

- XL, XL Square, XXL, and 3XL sizes available

The Lethal Gaming Gear (LGG) Saturn standard series mousepad is designed for those who want control while still having an easy glide. Named aptly after Saturn, it has good amount of control with a little something special. Static friction is on the lower end of the spectrum for control pads while the dynamic friction provides a locked in feel without being "muddy". The surface itself is mostly smooth but has a light texture. It features a natural rubber base and stitched edges.


XL - 490x420mm

XL SQ - 500x500mm

XXL - 1000x500mm

3XL - 1200x550mm



  • Mostly smooth yet textured surface that focuses on a medium glide speed with adequate stopping power
  • Type: Control / Medium
  • Japanese rubber foam base
  • Low profile stitched edges
  • Made of Polyester
  • Thickness: 3mm


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