Ninjutso Sora 4K Wireless Gaming Mouse - Red

Designed for claw grip and compatible with fingertip, with 47 grams super lightweight form, equipped with premium coating, PAW3395 sensor, 4000Hz report rate lag-free SnappyFire wireless tech, and 80 hours of battery, Sora 4K is engineered with every little detail to help you aim and track the target more easily so you can dominate the battle.

4K USB Dongle receiver is included!

Colour: Red


Depth: 37.3mm Width: 59mm Length: 120.8mm

Weight: 47g +-2g

M1/M2 Switches - Omron Optical

Encoder wheel - TTC 9mm

Pixart PAW3395

80 hours battery life (not in 4k mode)

max report rate - 4000 Hz


Package Contains:

Sora 4K Mouse

4K USB Receiver

USB-C Charging Cable

Extension Aadapter

Replacement Skates

Information Guide