▶What is nTech Fit?

nTech Fit is a Japanese manufactured aftermarket part that allows you to customize the shape by attaching it to your gaming mouse.

Up until now, all you could do was passively wait to find the ideal mouse that was right for you. However, by customizing the shape, you can actively create the ideal shape that suits you.

nTech Fit is the basis for shape customization and is conceptualized as a tool that allows more users to creatively explore their ideal shape.


▶Features of LF-a1

LF-a1 is an nTech Fit that allows you to create a space between your little finger and ring finger when you hold your finger slightly outstretched.


▶About the space between the little finger and ring finger

If you hold the device in such a way that the second joint of your little finger is extended 90 to 180 degrees, depending on the length and balance of your fingers, your little finger and ring finger may interfere with each other.

This interference limits the range of motion when bending the little finger and ring finger, resulting in restrictions in the vertical movement of the mouse.

This up and down movement of the mouse is not only used to aim up and down, but also to adjust the height of the crosshair, which is an auxiliary movement when moving the mouse left and right.

If you simply shake the mouse left or right, the height of the crosshair will go up or down, but you unconsciously correct this difference by moving the mouse back and forth with your fingertips.

By creating lateral space between the little finger and the ring finger, each finger does not interfere with each other, eliminating limitations in the range of motion of the mouse up and down, allowing for more natural body movements.


▶Compatible models





▶Included items

・1 x nTech Fit
・12 pieces of double-sided tape for installation

*Three pieces of double-sided tape are used for each installation
. *The mouse body is not included.



Approximately 4g


▶Installation method

Please attach double-sided tape to the 3 locations shown in the image and attach it to the mouse.

The trick to installing it is to first place it on it, adjust its position, and once the position is determined, press it down to secure it completely.

*When removing from the mouse, slide the flat side of nTechFit from the bottom of the mouse to make it easier to remove.

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