- What is nTechFit?

nTech Fit is a Japanese manufactured aftermarket part that allows you to customize the shape by attaching it to your gaming mouse.

Up until now, all you could do was passively wait to find the ideal mouse that was right for you. However, by customizing the shape, you can actively create the ideal shape that suits you.

nTechFit is a tool that serves as the foundation for shape customization and allows more users to creatively explore their ideal shape.

- Features of vg-a1L

The vg-a1L is a left-handed version of the vg-a1, which was designed to allow the little finger to be gripped in a more natural position in order to improve the discomfort and cramped feeling around the little finger that Victory owners often experience.

-Compatible models


- Included items

・1 x nTech Fit
・4 x double-sided tape for installation
*Mouse itself is not included.

- Weight

3g approx

- What is Victory Holder?

The name Victory Holder comes from the shape of the grip, which resembles a victory sign (peace sign) when viewed from above.

It has a grip that you can squeeze between the sides of your fingers and your thumb, making it popular for fast-moving FPS titles such as Apex.

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