This is a mod kit, not a complete mouse.You will need a disassembled Logitech G304/G305 mouse to build this mod kit. See here for disassembly instructions

PMM make custom 3D printed shells that take inspiration from popular gaming mice. The internals are a combination the highest quality components, switches, magnetic battery charging tech and make use of Logitech lightspeed wireless technology from a G304/G305 PCB (not included).


Included in this MOD KIT:

- Custom 3D printed shell

- eSports Tiger ICE UL2 feet

- Hot swap switch PCB (you can simply switch out the switches with another micro switch without having to do any soldering!)

- 2x Kailh 4.0 Red switches

- Magnetic charging battery cable

- AAA USB chargeable battery

- Small phillips screwdriver

What you will need that is not included:

- a Logitech G304/G305 mouse


What is the difference between MOD-KITs and complete mods?

PMM MOD-KITs come unassembled and without electronics. Complete mods come fully assembled and ready to go.

What is the Pro Collection?

The "PRO" collection has an improved click system with a split-button-design along with a post-travel-calibration system.

More info on the pro collection

Assembly Instructions