Introducing V2: Our latest version offers limited availability with notable upgrades. What's new? We've enhanced the fabric for a softer touch and increased the base thickness to 4.3mm from 4mm, resulting in an overall quality improvement including stitching and durability. While V2 packaging is still in progress, all future pads will be V2 as we've discontinued V1. Stay tuned for R2 of pre-orders. Thank you for your unwavering support!



Size: 490x420mm

Type: Control

Thickness: 4.3mm

Surface: Uncoated Polyester Cloth

Base: Custom Authentic Poron Base

Hardness: X-Soft

 Packaging: Flat Packed



At Raven Mousepads, we are excited to announce the launch of Mori - our latest gaming mousepad! Inspired by the forests of Japan, Mori is a premium esports ready mousepad featuring an uncoated 100% polyester cloth surface and a control surface. The smooth yet slightly textured surface of Mori provides the perfect amount of feedback for gamers, while the weave we have selected guarantees consistent X and Y glide. The pad is 490x420mm in size and 4.3mm in thickness, making it perfect for gamers of all styles and preferences. One of Mori's key features is its base, which is 100% authentic custom X-Soft Poron. This exclusive material ensures superior comfort and support, minimizing skin irritation while gaming. Additionally, we have ensured that Mori is flat shipped, reducing surface imperfections and ensuring a pristine gaming experience. At Raven Mousepads, we are dedicated to providing quality products that enhance your gaming experience. Upgrade your setup and take your gaming to the next level with Mori!