Sprime PM1 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Colour: Black

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Main Specs

43 Grams
Fiber-composited Material
Primespeed Wireless
8000Hz Report Rate (with dongle sold seperately)
Competitive Mode
80 Hours Battery Life
Light & Crispy Click
Web-based Memory Manager


Length: 120mm
Grip width: 60mm
Height: 40mm

Warranty: 1 year

Fiber-Composited Material

Next-level engineering of fiber-composited material and structure design empowered us to get the weight down to 43 grams and maintain a super solid build. With the perfect weight balance, you will immediately feel how light and how unbelievably strong it is when you first put your hand on it.

8000Hz Polling

Experience up to 8x smoother tracking and less click latency by reporting sensor and click data to the PC 8 times faster than 1000Hz. *Seperate dongle purchase required

Competitive Mode

Not all mouse performance the same, even with the same sensor. By working closely with Pixart, we have tuned PM1 to have a snappier tracking responsiveness than other PAW3395 mice out of the box. In addition, we also provide a competitive mode that provides even better, wired-like responsiveness for ultimate control at the cost of battery life reduced nearly in half.

Light and Tactile Click

Not all buttons click the same even with the same switch. With Omron Optical switches and the tensioning structure specifcally designed for it, PM1 has one of the lightest yet most tactile click among all its peers.

Matte Coating

For premium look and grippy control

Sprime Memory Manager
PM1 is designed to be fully plug-n-play without software. Settings such as DPI, report rate, competitive mode, motionsync, etc. can directly be adjusted on the mouse by varies of button combination.
Available on Web and PC, easy and light Sprime Memory Manager, less than 10M, is also provided for those who need to configure everything else like macro and assigning buttons. All settings can be saved on the on-board memory.