*Price Update: The initial shipment of AERO pads we received was extremely expensive to ship from the U.S. to Australia and thus was priced accordingly. We are hoping for any future restocks that we can work out direct-from-manufacturer logisitcs and therefore a much lower price for our customers.

Engineered for Esports competition at the highest level, the Aero speed pad is packed with features to provide the most premium gliding surface and suction feel base that will offer an extra advantage in game.

With a Humidity resistant layer, Twill polyester spandex top, Consistent dynamic friction movement, and Poron© anti slip base, this durable mousepad pad will amplify your gaming experience with frictionless movement and excellent stopping power, making it a go-to peripheral option for passionate gamer who wants to take their game to the next level.

530mm X 490mm - Provides a large surface for all types of aimers and a wide range of mouse movements

    Surface: Twill polyester spandex top
    Base: Poron(C) anti slip base
    Top: Tightknit Twill Polyester Spandex
    Coating: Humidity Resistant
    Glide: Dynamic Friction with stopping power
    Hardness: Soft
    Style: Speed