Our stock is the new V2 version!

The next generation of gaming mouse pads, featuring the worlds most grippiest base “SV BASE”. A control surface like no other, premium jacquard weave that provides tactile feedback for maximum control. Designed for eSports professionals who want to reach peak performance. Thin edge stitching done by hand, lower then the surface to promote mouse movements allowing you to use the entire mouse pad without fearing the edges. The worlds best control mouse pad is here! Designed with Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Overwatch and Battlefield in mind.

Hard pad base that allows you to aim at your peak. Feedback from the base is given if you apply to much pressure which is a reminder to stop applying force to ensure wrist and hand health.

Size: 450x450x3mm +/- 1mm
Surface: Control (speed with abrasive surface)
Color: Blue Teal or Black (Midnight Edition)
Base: SV BASE (Hard pad qualities in a fabric pad), SV Is a proprietary blend of Silicone, Vynex and Polished Silica. Creates a static electric bond to desk to ensure mouse pad positioning.

Stitching: Edge stitching (Thin, below or level with surface layer)
IMPORTANT: Stitching is done by hand and may not be straight or lower than surface layer. Stitching may appear to be “wavy” this is due to the stitching process and working with such a hard material. Stitching may fray if so please leave it alone or cut it off with scissors. Do not PULL, this will cause the stitching to come undone.

Waterproof: Yes (No coating), Water is absorbed into the pad and then let out through the fabric. Adding water to the SV BASE will clean and enhance grip properties. Do NOT touch important PC components if you add water to the SV BASE. It will create static electricity that could potential damage hardware if you are building a PC for example.

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