InfinityMice Infinite Speed Gaming Mouse Pad


The Infinite Pads are top-end performance mouse pads meant for all games. A choice of control, hybrid, or speed surface with below-surface edge stitching to prevent abrasion and accidental run-overs during gameplay. Made with a custom base to prevent slippage.

  • INFINITE SPEED SURFACE FRICTION: Non-coated performance made surface. Made for speed demons, completely smooth. 
  • STABLE CUSTOM IPU BASE: Custom made durable base allows for no movement on your desk during gameplay. 


  • Speed surface
  • Speed Glide
  • Soft custom IPU base
  • Low profile stitched edges
  • Thickness: 3.5mm


  • XL: 490 x 420 x 3.5mm
  • XL SQ: 490 x 490 x3.5mm

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