2 switches per set!

These switches are completely silent but still have a tactile 'bump' feedback when actuated.

Please do your research before purchasing/installing as these are not standard size micro switches. The only mouse we have test fitted these in is the Logitech G304/G305 (switch is only 2 pins and is installed in the top 2 holes, leaving the bottom hole free)

 7.3mm height

1.Rating:DC12V 50mA
2.Contact Resistance:100m Ω Max
3 Insulation Resistance:100M Ω Min
4.Withstand Voltage:AC250V(50-60Hz)
5.Operation Force:70 ±15gf
6.Free Position:9.5 ± 0.15mm
7.CR=(OF-CF)/OF *100%;25%±10%
8.Pre-Travel:0.25 ± 0.1 mm
9.Life Cycles:3,000,000 (min)

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