Padsmith - The Crucible Mouse Pad

The Crucible, Padsmith's fastest pad to date. Featuring a silky surface with faster performance, a significantly improved base, and high-quality stitching

Both the XL and XXL models have the same custom textile surface however use they have different bases. (the XL has an upgraded MID Alphacell base with custom 'Padsmith' logo laser imprinting)

XL - 490x420mm (flat packed)

  • Featuring a custom branded MID base
  • Custom Textile Surface
  • New Printing Technology
  • Extremely Low Slope Stitching
  • MID Alphacell base (the latest improved batch)
  • Laser imprinting of our logo on the back.

XXL - 1000x500x3.5mm (box tube/rolled packed)

  • Rubber Base
  • Low Stitching
  • same textile and printing technology as 490x420 model

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