Pulsar X2A Mini Wireless Gaming Mouse - White/black

Ambitexerours version of the Pulsar X2V2 Mini

- Side buttons on both sides

- Side buttons are removable and connect to the mouse via magnets. There are blank pieces in the box if you wish to remove side buttons


This mouse is 4K Hz polling rate capable however the receiver that comes in the box is only 1K Hz capable. To enable 4K Hz a seperate receiver dongle can be purchased here!

- Optical Switch: Pre-sorted to get light clicks

- New Pulsar Encoder: Tactile and dust-proof structure.

- Indirect wheel click using a high-quality ball bearing.

- Nordic MCU: improved battery life and reading.

- 4K Polling compatible with separate dongle purchase.


Colour: White/black

Size: Mini (size 1)

Switch[Main]:    Optical Switches
Huano Mechanical
Pulsar Blue Dustproof Encoder
Pixart PAW3395
Max DPI:      
26000 DPI
Default DPI: 
400-[800]-1600-3200 DPI
650 IPS
50g (Max)
Polling Rate: 
125-250-500-[1000]Hz  - 4K Compatible with separate dongle purchase
USB Type-C
Battery Type:  
Lithium-Ion Polymer 
5V     300mAh


    • Height: 120mm
    • Width: 63mm
    • Length: 38mm
    • Weight: 55g (+- 2g)

    Whats included in the box:
    - X2A Mini Wireless Mouse x 1
    - Wireless Receiver Adapter x 1
    - Wireless Receiver x 1
    - USB-C Cable x 1

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